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Welcome to Settlers Creek


“They came drifting across the plains of life searching for places to drink, and play their music. People listened, liked what they heard, it made them want to dance. They were wanderers, moving from town to town, gone before dawn but they would be back again, and everyone would be waiting for their return….”


Who are we???
Formed by members of 2 top Northern Country Music bands, Settlers Creek are a 5 piece band with something to offer all Country Music Lovers.  

The band have over 60 years of combined recording and performing experience between them, and family histories of professional musicianship before that, so it is no surprise to learn that they have a wide range of musical influences. This comes through in their shows with material ranging from old-style Merle Haggard numbers right through to modern material by artists such as Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson.

After several years away from the Country scene pursuing other projects, the lure of the gun smoke proved too much and in late-2004 the band members got together and set to work on building a new top class Country act as a showcase to their talents, a tribute to the music they all love, and a burning desire to Keep it Country

The result was the birth of Settlers Creek, a red-hot band featuring blistering guitar work, stunning 3-part vocal harmonies and a versatile rhythm section to keep the dancers on their feet all night long. The band has made an outstanding impact wherever it has appeared and left audiences talking about the show for weeks afterwards.  



This is the band you don't want to miss......


The Band